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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

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Robots.txt Generator is an amazing tool that we can all use. Whether you are designing mobile sites, websites or you are the site owner you can use this robots.txt generator. Websites that use robots' text files to inform search engines about their site. A searcher visits your site and looks up a .txt file. If that file does not crawl, the robot will not clear your site. It's that simple.
Why don't I want a Robots.txt Generator to crawl my site?
Good question. When you create a site you can set the fill text as a placeholder. It can be duplicate content that you put in there while designing. Or you may have their current site in your host while you build and test. You do not want spiders to crawl this temporary information as it may damage your search engine rankings
By using a robots.txt generator and creating a disapproval statement, crawlers will stay away. The tool I have found makes this much easier and your txt file will be uploaded faster.
Do I need an a.txt file to allow search engines to crawl?
Difficult call. Some people say you use a robotic file to tell searchers about your site, while others say it doesn't matter. For me, I listen to what Google has to say. They say you don't even need a blank robots.txt file for your site. Most spam senders will ignore your file. Google recommends that the password protect any content you do not want anyone to see or use a robotic file that you do not want.
Using the Generator
1. To get started visit this site.
2. For testing purposes I do not allow all spiders. To do this select Rejected under Default - All Robots are tab.
3. Click Create Robots.txt and it will generate your file.
4. Copy and paste those few lines into a text file and name it robots.txt. Download that from your root and you're ready (make sure it's root!).
* Now if you are designing a mobile site for a specific directory, simply delete that list under Limited Restrictions. Save the Enable option in Step 2 and list the path you do not want to be crawled.
How I Can Use This Tool Someday
I actually used the robots.txt generator a few days ago. I create a site for one of my clients on my server. There is a site still live but I have all the current content in my sample site. I have created a law not to allow that one text. Then I uploaded a file to my root. It is very simple and protects your SEO clients. Even explain to them what you are doing and I will assure you that they will be impressed that you care about their search engine rankings.
Until next time rock on!
Stephen Alberts is a small business owner and has love of web and internet marketing. The mobile web is exploding and you are an expert in the field. You also know a few tips about online marketing and getting exposure to the web. Read his articles at Mobile Web Development [].
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