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Sitemap Creator is an important tool to keep in mind is that people visit the site to check certain information. These Surfers can be a lot of unforgiving. Once they find the items useful for them on-site they will always visit.
The reason why site maps are so important is because of their usefulness in allowing divers to understand site design and planning.
so, speed up the process of getting to what the site will show. This is the part of the website that is built where the website structure can be seen by the user of the surfer or the visitor. Visitors can select a link where they want to surf with the touch of a mouse.
Here are some important tips for a good site map, which helps visitors find information faster on the website:
· sitemap Creator should be the easiest page on the website.
· Keep the word "sitemap Creator" so that visitors don't have to struggle to find it.
· Always avoid "dynamic" sitemap Creator. Those where visitors have to find their way easily to catch information.
· If the site map is a list of text links, use the TITLE anchor tag and enter keywords inside it.
· Placing a sentence describing the content of a page below a link to that page in a site map remains fine.
· It should not be the main navigation on the website that should be accompanied by.
· It is very important that there is a link on the site map page and all pages should have this link. The Sitemap link can be linked to other links in the main menu on the website or placed in the section of the web page where it is clearly visible.
· Some important features on the website should be aligned with the site maps. For example, the link color of the visited links should be different from visited links so that visitors have a clear idea of ​​which pages they have already seen and thus, save time.
In addition to the benefits the site map shows for "live" divers, it is also important for robots from search engines. As a web developer, you should aim to find all the pages that are visible on the website found on the search engine website. As expected a site map, from one page to another, should carry links to all of them, it is a convenient form to submit to search engines. Site map submission to a search engine can help to make all web pages quickly indexed by search engines. I may not be right as I do not have the data to support this point but it seems reasonable. However, on the same note, there is still a limit to all the information a search engine can provide a visitor. For example, if a page is not found in a web directory, it will not be recognized by other search engines. With this in mind, another feature of the site map tells the search engine to go to the specific page instead of checking the links.
sitemap Creator
Two important questions:
1. Will the website appear as it was designed even for robots?
2. Are the pages accurate and successfully designed?
Having a sitemap Creator helps the creator plan the site before he or she can start creating. Once the pages are cut, everything becomes easier and the web page designs are easily matched with the creator's ideas.
There are 5 essential tips for creating a good sitemap Creator:
A Good Site To Have 1
The logo should be linked to the homepage of the website.
A Beautiful Place To Have 2
Site Map should be located at the top or bottom left, under the heading. Unless everything is in order and you are sure of the design, never try to change or make changes for a while.
A Good Site To Have 3
There should be an easy way to navigate the website. Do not place a site map in a separate location from one to another, such as if it is horizontal on one page, it should be horizontal on other pages. However, the case is different when it comes to the homepage navigation system. This may differ from home pages.
A Beautiful Place To Have 4
Additionally, the homepage logo should be connected to the "HOME" with any similar symbol to facilitate navigation or navigation. There should also be "contact us," "about our site," pages will be visited.
Good Place to Have 5
An important rule of thumb for a good site map is that a visitor's click number should lead to every step and not point to other pages. The movement needs to be simple, reliable and, above all, very useful.
Jeremiah Patton currently uses site maps to navigate easily for visitors and better clarity in search engines. Jeremiah Patton uses the site map of his work on the Home for Women website [] with great success.